For more than 75 years, Mazatlan has been one of the favorite destinations for tourists around the world, but it was only after the end of the Second World War that sportfishing in Mazatlan became world renowned. Bibi Fleet was born to satisfy the increasing need for reliable deep-sea fishing charters in Mazatlan, Mexico, which was a fast growing town then. From the beginning Bibi Fleet was oriented to provide customer satisfaction in Mazatlan fishing.

In 1946, we became the first deep-sea fishing fleet founded in Mazatlan, Mexico when Mr. Ernesto Coppel Sr. put Mazatlan and Flota Bibi Fleet on the world map of deep-sea sport fishermen. As pioneers, we have been in business since then. After all this time, Mazatlan fishing is still considered superb, and fishermen from all the world keep coming every year to fish in our clean, calm waters.

Our crews are experienced and skillful. Their catch records, per boat and day, up to last year averaged 2.5 Billfish, Mahi-Mahi and Tuna (Shark and other species not included). Of that, 1.3 are Billfish, so your chances are one of the best around the world.

At Bibi Fleet we are committed to the customer’s satisfaction and we will try to make your Mazatlan fishing experience a pleasant and successful one. Thousands of satisfied fishermen and more than 70 years in business support this.

Mazatlan fishing at its greatest.
GO GET’EM with Bibi Fleet, sportfishing in Mazatlan since 1946!!!!!

Mazatlan, Mexico

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